Galactic Activations: Galactic Origin Sessions, Skywatch Circles, and Celestial Activation Sessions  

Celestine IIsha Star assists those who are on the path of awakening to their true "Galactic Nature" or seeking wisdom and answers in their lives concerning their connection to Heavenly and Galactic Beings, and the 

Cosmic Creation. 

Galactic Origin (GO) Sessions Celestial Activation Sessions 

dives deep into your inner consciousness where the hidden truths of who you are and your earthly cosmic life are revealed. 

The High Spiritual Council and the Galactic Star Federation has given guidance to Star, as their ambassador, to offer galactic wisdom to the world as it is the time of "Humanity's Re-Awakening" as Earth becomes a fully functioning Galactic Planet once again. 

Galactic Origin (GO) Sessions are empowering and well grounded. Discover  your "Galactic Purpose". Come to know your Galactic Star Origins" - where in  you came from in the cosmos, why you came to earth and your "Earth Mission".  You can then align your Earth Mission to your present life and reconnect with your Star Family. 

Celestial Activation Sessions  are designed to assist those awakening to or are already on the "Path of Awakening" and are ready for advanced celestial guidance by Celestine Iisha Star. Sessions include clearing the final blocks or traumas of our Human Story, life support as you transform into your true "Divine Self", receiving Transmitted Encodex that assist in your full embodiment of Galactic Consciousness, Spiritual and Metaphysical guidance for your Sacred Life journey. 

Our Galactic Star Kin have opened the way to awaken to your True Nature through assisting Celestine Iisha in working with you during your sessions. Star has successfully offered the GO and Celestial Activation Sessions to thousands of people. 

All are living radiant,  and more meaningful lives.

Celestial Activations and Galactic Origins (GO) Sessions are both empowering and grounded. Activate your Galactic Consciousness! Schedule your GO Session or Celestial Activation now!

Know your Galactic Star Origins -  Know Thy Self  

Glory In the Light of the Radiant One

Deepen your connection to your Galactic Star lineage, your Life's Mission and Purpose on Earth.

Schedule a Galactic Activation:

Galactic Origin (GO) and Celestial Activation Session with Celestine Iisha Star.

Appts. in person, Phone, or Zoom Technology. 

A Key Step Toward Galactic Awakening

Galactic Origin (GO) Sessions

Galactic Origin Sessions by Celestine Iisha Star is a 1st step in awakening to your Galactic Consciousness. Open your "Field of Self-Discovery". Awaken and Activate your True Self.  

Remember why you came to Earth, your Star Relations and your Original Mission to Earth!